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Sheila Squillante

All Things Edible, Random and Odd

All Things Edible, Random and Odd

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Through lyrical and intimate personal essays, All Things Edible, Random and Odd delivers a portrait not just of a father who died, but of a daughter who kept living.

Sheila Squillante's heartfelt and humorous essays introduce us to a father--a 1980s businessman and early adopter of the term "foodie"--and a daughter's complicated grief. It also moves beyond that grief, to embrace the intricacies and delights of how life grows from it.

Food remains central throughout the collection with essays that serve up a menu (and sometimes recipes!) of Hawaiian beach seaweed, turtle soup, and fermented Icelandic shark. Nostalgia clashes with reality, through stories connecting memories to taste.

With poetic prose, Squillante expresses the complexities of unresolved relationships, the importance of shared experiences, and how family and food make us who we are.

  • ISBN:9781955904896, 1955904898
  • Page count:216
  • Published:November 28, 2023
  • Format:Paperback
  • Publisher:CLASH Books
  • Language:English
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