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Jessica J. Ayala

Fall of the Horizon

Fall of the Horizon

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The War of the Skies is over, the gods are gone, and the new world has begun . . .

Zara Santos is the adopted daughter of the Ikarrian king and mercenary of her kingdom's guild, though throughout the Continent of Ribera she is known as the Rogue-the High King's personal assassin. Every hunting season she kills in the hope to one day be free of her shackles. When Zara receives a unique assignment to hunt down the mysterious leader of the shadow markets, she will do whatever it takes to gain her freedom.

The war has left Ronan Menodora a shadow of the male he once was. The archangel grapples with the underworld to provide for those he cares about as retribution for the failures of his past. When various cities are destroyed, their citizens disappearing, he makes a dreadful discovery that threatens the survival of his business and seeks the help of the infamous mercenary.

As the unlikely pair delve deeper into the strange happenings of the Continent, along with the help of their close allies, rumors rise of the return of the Three Sun Gods-the main Primordials believed to be long lost to the mortal world-and the mystery behind the missing people may pose a greater threat than anticipated.

Fall of the Horizon is the first book in the Dusk and Dawn adult high fantasy series, and explores injustice, emotional turmoil, self-discovery, and romance.

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