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Easterine Kire

Spirit Nights

Spirit Nights

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Winner of the 2023 FICCI India Book of the Year award -- a powerful, magical indigenous novel from Nagaland, India's foremost writer.

Drawing on ancient tribal tales, Spirit Nights tells of a prophecy fulfilled when a number of villages are plunged into endless darkness. A terrible taboo has been violated in the spirit world. A wise elder feels the village crumble as her people are isolated and frightened. She knows that only through acting with wisdom and courage, and journeying into unknown realms, can the people get the light back.

But who would dare to do that?

Lockdowns, spirit visions, profound darkness - Spirit Nights delivers a unique tale from Nagaland that parallels our lives today. This is an exciting USA debut for Easterine Kire. Spirit Nights also includes informative notes, and an essay about real 'Dark Time Accounts' - tribal stories of periods when the world tumbles into seemingly endless night time.

  • ISBN:9781909954540, 1909954543
  • Page count:180
  • Published:October 3, 2023
  • Format:Paperback
  • Publisher:Barbican Press
  • Language:English
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