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James Skipp Borlase

The Shrieking Skull and Other Victorian Christmas Ghost Stories

The Shrieking Skull and Other Victorian Christmas Ghost Stories

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Thirteen rare tales by the most prolific Victorian Christmas ghost story author, collected and republished for the first time!

Move over, Charles Dickens! The author of "A Christmas Carol" may be the most famous Victorian author of Christmas ghost stories, but the king of the genre was James Skipp Borlase (1839-1909), who published dozens of them in obscure British and Australian periodicals during a nearly fifty-year span. Now for the first time, thirteen of Borlase's best tales have been unearthed from newspaper archives and compiled in a single volume for modern readers.

In "A Weird Wooing" (1898) an impecunious suitor braves a house haunted by the ghosts of plague victims in search of a legendary treasure. "The Steel-Bound Valise" (1875) tells of a horrid murder and a spectral vision that reveals the truth behind the awful deed. In "A Bride from the Dead" (1899), a man races against time on horseback to save his beloved from a forced marriage-but arrives too late to prevent an even more horrible and macabre fate.

This volume showcases Borlase's wide range, featuring macabre and bone-chilling stories alongside more lighthearted pieces, all of them just as entertaining to read on a winter's night as they were more than a century ago.

  • ISBN:9781954321861, 1954321864
  • Page count:192
  • Published:November 29, 2022
  • Format:Paperback
  • Publisher:Valancourt Books
  • Language:English
  • Editor:Christopher Philippo
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