About The Society

Welcome, Initiate, to The Society for Unusual Books. We're not your average bookshop (and we're proud of it). Founded in 2023 by the Bookseller herself, our mission is to help our readers discover titles they otherwise wouldn't by placing special focus on small press and independently published titles. To help you find your next great read, we also curate hyper-specific and thematic reading recommendation lists that rotate regularly. 

We believe that reading should be an adventure. That's why we carefully select a diverse range of books that will transport you to new worlds, without the need for a spaceship or a time machine (although we do provide rentals to members, should you need one).

While we exist only on the internet (for now...), we hope you know how welcome you are here, whoever you might be. We're passionate about the experience we create, one that's personally curated by our Bookseller (not an algorithm). By supporting our small business, you're supporting authors and presses, and a dream. Thank you for your support, patronage, and encouragement.

Now go read your book!