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Brave New Weird Vol. 2

Brave New Weird Vol. 2

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The World is Weird.

You will be discouraged from participating in it.

However, your participation is not optional.

Zip up your human suit and set sail, imbibing every perspective you can

in order to perfect the persona.

Push to the outer edges. Document your travels, and forget to return.

There will be a test.

Learn what it means to be human.

Forget what it means to be human.

Learn what it means to be human.

Forget what it means to be human.

Do not panic.

BRAVE NEW WEIRD: The Best New Weird Horror, Volume Two encompasses the finest Weird speculative fiction published in (roughly) 2023. Edited by Alex Woodroe.

Table of contents:

  • Nelly Geraldine García-Rosas - Lullaby for the Unseen
  • Thomas Ha - In That Crumbling Home
  • Hussani Abdulrahim - The Library Virus
  • Patrick Malka - Show Me
  • Eirik Gumeny - A Balanced Breakfast
  • David Simmons - Food is Poison
  • Premee Mohamed - Quietus
  • Perfect Kiss Strickoll - punctum (o baked alaska for you i am a former american)
  • LC von Hessen - Transmasc of the Red Death
  • Simone le Roux - The Man Outside
  • KS Walker - River Bargain Baby
  • M.M. Olivas - The Prince of Oakland
  • Amitha Jagannath Knight - My Mother, The Exoskeleton
  • Rachael K. Jones - The Sound of Children Screaming
  • Judith Shadford - Endless Yearning
  • Daniel DeRock - Guest Opinion: We must take action regarding the [REDACTED] High School janitor
  • Geneve Flynn - A Box of Hair and Nail
  • Anemone Moss - Everything You Dump Here Ends Up in the Ocean
  • Karlo Yeager Rodríguez - Up In the Hills, She Dreams of Her Daughter Deep In the Ground
  • Elena Sichrovsky - Embryo
  • Ivan Zoric - Our Roots Will Dry Out in the End
  • Michael Bettendorf - As the Music Plays Groovy
  • Chris Kuriata - Family Not Going To Heaven
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