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Robert Macfarlane, Dan Richards, Stanley Donwood

Ghostways: Two Journeys in Unquiet Places

Ghostways: Two Journeys in Unquiet Places

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In Holloway, a perfect miniature prose-poem (William Dalrymple), Macfarlane, artist Stanley Donwood, and writer Dan Richards travel to Dorset, near the south coast of England, to explore a famed hollowed way--a path used by walkers and riders for so many centuries that it has become worn far down into the soft golden bedrock of the region.

In Ness, a triumphant libretto of mythic modernism for our poisoned age (Max Porter), Macfarlane and Donwood create a modern myth about Orford Ness, the ten-mile-long shingle spit that lies off the coast of East Anglia, which the British government used for decades to conduct secret weapons tests.

  • ISBN9781324015826, 1324015829
  • Page count144
  • Published2020
  • FormatPaperback
  • PublisherW.W. Norton
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Illustrator: Stanley Donwood
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