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It Was All A Dream: An Anthology Of Bad Horror Tropes Done Right

It Was All A Dream: An Anthology Of Bad Horror Tropes Done Right

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Tried and true, or done to death?

There are plenty of tropes we'd like to see rot in their graves, but they keep coming back from the dead. In this book, horror's most devious minds subvert, reclaim, and double down on what you know too well, giving even the most done-to-death tropes new life. From alien abductions and werewolves to creepy dolls and Lover's Lane killers, these tropes claw their way back from the grave to take their rightful place in your nightmares.

Featuring stories from:

Erin Keating, Cormack Baldwin, Eric Raglin, Die Booth, Laurel Hightower, LC von Hessen, Taylor Rae, Lyndon Nicholas, Alex Woodroe, Tom Coombe, Patrick Barb, Nikki R. Leigh, J.V. Gachs, K.A. Wiggins, Madison McSweeney, Helena O'Connor, Belicia Rhea, Angela Sylvaine, Gabino Iglesias, Gemma Files, Erin Brown, Edward Lodi, Drew E. Huff, Danielle Davis, Wendy N. Wagner, Hailey Piper

With a Foreword by Laird Barron

  • ISBN:9798986920207
  • Page count:338
  • Published:October 18, 2022
  • Format:Paperback
  • Publisher:Hungry Shadow Press
  • Language:English
  • Editor:Brandon Applegate
  • Contributor:Laird Barron
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