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Joshua Hull



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Screenwriter Joshua Hull (Glorious) makes his longform prose debut!

After a stranger leaves him a secluded property, drifter Rusty finds himself the caretaker of a massive, tooth-filled mouth in the ground...and it's hungry.

His situation is complicated by Abigail, a wannabe filmmaker who stumbles on the secret. Together, the odd pair set out to discover the origins of Mouth and the hidden history of its former owner, setting in motion an outlandish scheme that could endanger them all.

"One of the wildest and strangest stories I've read in years. Harrowing, unpredictable, and breathtakingly cinematic, MOUTH is a delicious macabre gem." -Jonathan Janz, Author of Marla and Children of the Dark

"A fun yet beautifully haunting piece with layers of darkness and light." -Michael J. Seidlinger, author of Anybody Home?

"Absolutely disturbing and hilariously funny. This is Joshua Hull at his finest. A must for lovers of surreal and weird horror." -Rebekah McKendry, director of Glorious

  • ISBN:9781959790020, 1959790021
  • Page count:128
  • Published:March 15, 2024
  • Format:Paperback
  • Publisher:Tenebrous Press
  • Language:English
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