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Our Haunted Shores

Our Haunted Shores

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From the unsettling expanses of mud flats to foreboding cliffs and treacherous reefs, the coasts of the British Isles have provided inspiration for storytellers for millennia, creating a rich literary and cultural significance to these spaces in between the land and sea.

The shoreline can be a destination for pleasure, but it is also the rife with peril. In this new collection, the founders of the Haunted Shores Research Network have curated a chilling literary tour of the coasts of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, including tales of woeful shipwreck, lighthouse terrors and uncanny revenants amid the bustle of the harborside.

  • ISBN:9780712354219, 0712354212
  • Page count:318
  • Published:2022
  • Format:Paperback
  • Publisher:British Library
  • Language:English
  • Editors:E. Napier, Jimmy Packham, Joan Passey
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