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Susie White

Second Nature

Second Nature

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In a hidden valley tucked into an unspoiled corner of England lies a naturalist's garden that was developed from scratch by award-winning gardener and author Susie White, with the help of her husband and friends. This is the story of how they created a remarkable oasis, a place as alive as it is beautiful.

Susie's vision and passion unfold as she transforms a patch of untended ground into a wildlife-friendly haven planted with flowering perennials, trees, herbs, vegetables, and a wildflower meadow. The spaces teem with life: owls and blackbirds, bats and mice, butterflies and bees, all drawn by pollen-rich flowers, ponds, and nesting sites. Susie takes us through the planning and construction, and how she designed the garden to blend harmoniously with the surrounding environment.

From the plantings to the structures that provide shelter and habitat, every element reflects Susie's commitment to sustainability. Her account is filled with inspiration and practical advice for gardeners to learn from, as well as her deep appreciation for the natural world and the transformative power of building an outdoor sanctuary for all species to thrive in and enjoy.

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