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Nikki Lennox

The Incubus Curse

The Incubus Curse

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Dustin Ellisario is on the brink of triggering the Incubus curse. To become the very thing he's desperately tried to avoid as his hunger has begun to consume him from the inside out. However, a chance encounter with Freya Wilk, an individual seemingly immune to his seductive succubus charms, sparks a tantalizing hope within him. Could she be the key to preventing his curse?

Driven by a desperate curiosity, Dustin embarks on a mission to seduce Freya, initially viewing her as nothing more than a means to an end. Yet, as her life becomes entangled with the perils posed by deathwalkers and other demons, the boundaries between fascination and genuine emotion blur, and he finds himself questioning the true extent of his feelings for her.

As the layers of Freya's resistance begin to unravel, Dustin uncovers the source of her immunity. The revelation leaves him torn between the hope that she might still be his salvation from The Incubus Curse or worse.. if she will become his destruction.

In a precarious dance with destiny, Dustin and Freya navigate a treacherous path where love, danger, and the looming fear of the Incubus Curse converge.

Will Freya be the beacon of light that saves Dustin, or is she the harbinger of his irrevocable downfall?

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