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Jeff Noon

Vurt: 30th Anniverary Edition

Vurt: 30th Anniverary Edition

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Hailed as the novel that reinvented cyberpunk, The 30th Anniversary edition of Jeff Noon's award winning cult classic, Vurt.

Scribble and his gang, the Stash Riders, haunt the streets of an alternate Manchester, chasing the immersive highs that come from Vurt Feathers. Place a feather in your mouth and it takes you to the Vurt: another place, a trip, a shared reality of all our dreams and mythologies.
Different coloured feathers provide different experiences, but Scribble is searching for his lost love and only one feather offers the hope of finding her. It’s the ultimate feather, it may not even exist at all: Curious Yellow.
But as the Game Cat says, “Be careful, be very careful. This ride is not for the weak.”
First published in 1993, Jeff Noon’s extraordinary, influential, award-winning novel transcended SF boundaries and resisted categorization. Alluding to noir and surrealism alike, it was defiantly its own thing and remains so thirty years later. 

  • ISBN:9781915202932, 1915202930
  • Page count:376
  • Published:October 10, 2023
  • Format:Paperback
  • Publisher:Watkins Media
  • Language:English
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