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Steve Stred

When I Look at the Sky, All I See Are Stars

When I Look at the Sky, All I See Are Stars

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Dr. Rachel Hoggendorf has seen it all. An accomplished psychiatrist, she's always prided herself on connecting to the patients who've been brought to the facility, no matter how difficult or closed-off they are. That is, until David arrives.

At first, she listens to what David has to say. How he claims to be four-hundred-years-old and possessed by a demon. She diagnosis him as having multiple personalities and approaches his treatment as such.

But as their time together continues, David begins to share details he shouldn't know and begins to lash out violently. When Rachel brings in her colleague Dr. Dravendash, David's behavior escalates and it's not long before they begin to wonder if David just might be telling the truth. That he's possessed by a demonic presence... and it wants out.

A visceral, edge-of-your-seat novella, 'When I Look to the Sky, All I see are Stars' is everything you'd expect from 2X Splatterpunk-nominated author Steve Stred. Frantic pacing, hooves and horns and the growing dread that what lies beyond this plane is a land filled with ash and a place we never want to visit.

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