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Amy Jeffs

Wild: Tales from Early Medieval Britain

Wild: Tales from Early Medieval Britain

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Journey into the wilderness of northwestern Europe between the sixth and tenth centuries, an oft forgotten time in a mystical and magical place where the terror of the wilderness was surpassed only by its potential for salvation.

Wild: Tales from the Early Medieval World takes you on a journey out of the present and into the wilderness of another age. A collection of poems, tales, and deeply researched musings that explore the rich history of the Medieval wilderness of northern Europe and the mysteries and teachings that it holds.

Amy Jeffs knows that if you "get lost in the wilderness, you may never be found," so she is here to guide you through it and back home to your own wēstendream.

  • ISBN:9781524886363, 152488636X
  • Page count:240
  • Published:February 6, 2024
  • Format:Hardcover
  • Publisher:Andrews McMeel Publishing
  • Language:English
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